Always compare and choose

Do not forget to compare the prices offered by different agencies. These agencies bring new faces and they offer different amount for different ladies. These ladies are divided into categories and price range and then only they come in public and you have the chance to choose one for your use. So when you are choosing such ladies for your evening, you need to make sure that you go for someone after comparing the price. You need to pick out the best woman in an affordable price range.

Don't use the main bank account

Do not use your primary bank account to pay these companies. These agencies are generally not bluff in real. But there are several cheap escorts in gurgaon available and these agencies snatch money from their clients. So you need to make sure that you will never use the real bank account you have. Use a parallel bank account, in which you do not have a lot of money. If the amount is low in your card, the hacker never looked at it! So you need to make sure that you do not use a bank account that you always use for your different purposes.

Don't pay extra

Some Escort service in Park hotels across escorts in delhi are there that cheat their customers as earning money is the most important thing for them. They do not go for the reputation of the company. So they always try to cheat their clients. They never ask for the extra money in the beginning. But once the session is over, they ask for it. They tell you that you have taken extra services from the lady that visited your place, no matter whether you have taken it or not, most of the people nod to their demands and pay them the extra money which is absolutely not done! So you always need to go for reputed companies.

Pay her some extra money as tips

If you loved the session and you feel that the girl was amazing, you can pay her some extra bucks. These ladies do not earn huge amounts from such sessions. So the extra tip that you pay will hike her earning. She will inform her colleagues as well about your generosity and when you book an escort again from the agency; you are going to get amazing services from the ladies as they know you are a generous and good person at heart. They will serve you amazingly. So always try to pay these ladies their undue respect and some tip. 

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